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Brews & Baseball: Introducing the Rockers High Pints Heritage Craft Beer Room!

April 30, 2019

Okay, if you don’t know about the High Point Rockers and their new stadium by now… Well, we’ve done all we could to prepare you short of bringing the mascot to your front door! We are delighted to say there’s still more about the Rockers stadium that will be a surprise for you and your family. Today we are so stoked to share with you another exciting element of the Rockers stadium that’s going to make High Point even cooler: the High Pints Heritage craft beer room!

Not only are we excited to tell their story, we are thrilled to share the very first look of High Pints, exclusive just for you – our amazing readers and no doubt The Rocker’s biggest fans.  Enjoy!

The High Pint | ZoZo Photography
The High Pint | ZoZo Photography

Everything about baseball games screams good food and beer, so it was the Rockers priority to bring quality brews to the stadium for all their fans. We’re not talking about a concession stand with beers that you can get at any old stadium or event. Nope, High Pints is going to be a high-quality, baseball-themed space for fans to enjoy brews from North Carolina breweries like Brown Truck Brewery and Red Oak. Plus, you can pick up your new proudest piece of Rockers gear at the High Pints craft beer room!

The High Pint | ZoZo Photography
The High Pint | ZoZo Photography

And the best news? You can enjoy High Pints both in and out of baseball season! That’s right, the behind home plate craft beer room is going to have a “speak-easy” kind of entrance that’s open to the public Wednesday through Sunday, even when the Rockers aren’t playing! (Times will be announced soon!) The bar pays homage to the “First in Flight” identity North Carolina proudly claims, by offering $1 flights on Thursday (both when the team is playing the home field or on the road)!

The High Pint | ZoZo Photography
The High Pint | ZoZo Photography

And there’s no doubt this space is inspired by the overall vision for the Rockers stadium. This craft beer room is the product of an incredibly creative collaboration between some of our favorite High Point entities, like Rockers president, Ken Lehner, BrianStudio, Stabb Designs, Samet Construction and Barbour Spangle Design!

High Pints Heritage, a craft beer room located inside the stadium for all your beer and rockers merchandise needs | ZoZo Photography

The craft beer room has the same feel as the industrial aesthetic of the iconic Rockers stadium while honoring its hometown’s furniture industry fame. The design team at Barbour Spangle Design partnered with several locals to achieve their design vision for the High Pint space.  Locals like Justin Stabb of Stabb Designs who sourced local re-purposed objects for focal design elements – like the kiln-dried stacked lumber behind the bar front or the friendship table made from an old saw from a local manufacturer.

The High Pint | ZoZo Photography
The High Pint | ZoZo Photography

And, there are just as many nods to baseball as there are to High Point in the High Pints craft beer room. The rotating list of featured drafts will be displayed on a menu board that takes its inspiration from Wrigley Field’s famous manual scoreboard. Reminding fans of the Rockers’ place in the Atlantic League, more than 300 Atlantic League baseballs are featured in a ceiling sculpture. And the custom bat pendants incorporated into space? Those came from Ken’s personal collection of baseball bats, infusing the space with a personal and historic touch. And we have High Point favorite, Brian Davis to thank for the incredible mural in the space.

The High Pint | ZoZo Photography

If you weren’t already counting down the moments till you get inside the Rockers new stadium, we know you will be now! What better way to cap off your day at the baseball game than with the perfect brew? All we can say is, see you at home plate!

 Discovering our High Points (and Pints!),

The HP Discovered Team

Feature Image by ZoZo Photography


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