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Baseball Eve: The First Pitch is Tomorrow!

May 1, 2019

The day has finally arrived! No more countdowns, no more waiting…the High Point Rockers are throwing out their first pitch TOMORROW!

We’ve seen so much transformation on Lindsay St. and around the stadium in the last few months, both inside and out. The Rockers have already impacted our community, and the first game hasn’t even been played. We hope by now you’ve got your tickets ready to go, your gameday gear, and your appetite ready, so let’s head out to the ballpark tomorrow!

To celebrate this auspicious occasion, we want you to find all the best parts of the Rockers that we’ve been counting down with so far. See how many of these moments you remember, and see how many you can find and check off your list tomorrow at the game.

The Stadium

High Point Rockers Stadium | Photo by ZoZo Photography
High Point Rockers Stadium | Photo by ZoZo Photography

Wow, we are amazed by all the construction that took place, under the watch of Rockers staff like Ken Lehner, Christian Heimall, and Jamie Keefe. Remember when the stadium was just bare bones and concrete? We have loved seeing the progress that has happened from the ground up. Make sure to get an inaugural selfie at the field tomorrow.

The Uniforms

High Point Rockers Uniforms were designed by Howard Sadel. Rockers Uniforms are sleek and sure to become an iconic piece of High Point | Photo by ZoZo Photography

We can’t wait to see the uniforms that debuted several weeks ago put into action tomorrow. The design of the uniforms by Howard Sadel are sleek and sure to become an iconic piece of High Point in the coming years. Plus, we are super eager to buy some Rockers gear at the stadium so we can support our team in fine, fun style!

Visit our blog post, All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Play Ball: The Rockers Uniform Reveal for more!

The Mascot

Meet the High Point Rockers mascot, the Rockin’ Horse designed by Randy Carfagno | Photo by Amber Renea Photography

Who’s going to be the first person to have their picture taken with the Rockers’ mascot? Maybe you, you say? Grab a selfie tomorrow at the game and tag the Rockers in your post to show how you’re part of the Rockers community.


Check out our blog post, A Rocking Horse with No Name | High Point Rockers Baseball to learn more about the Rocker’s mascot!

The Pink Lockers

High Point Rocker’s pink locker room is sure to hit the enemy where they least expect it: in the visiting team’s locker room | Photo by ZoZo Photography

Remember the great bubblegum pink locker room? That will be underneath your feet at the game tomorrow, and the visiting team will be suiting up with hot pink all around! While you may not get to see underneath the stadium tomorrow, make sure to keep your eyes open for Pack the Park Pink nights, coming up this season.


Check out our blog post, Seeing the Rockers through Rose-Colored Lockers for a look inside!

The Vintage Scoreboard Seats

High Point Rockers vintage scoreboard seats, the coolest seats from MLB stadiums around the country | ZoZo Photography
High Point Rockers vintage scoreboard seats, the coolest seats from MLB stadiums around the country | ZoZo Photography
High Point Rockers vintage scoreboard seats, the coolest seats from MLB stadiums around the country | ZoZo Photography

Tomorrow you can see these awesome and one-of-a-kind seats for yourself! Feast your eyes on the coolest seats from MLB stadiums around the country. How many can you can identify while you’re at the game?

High Pints

High Pints Heritage, a craft beer room located inside the stadium for all your beer and rockers merchandise needs | ZoZo Photography
High Pints is a high-quality, baseball-themed space for fans to enjoy brews from NC breweries | ZoZo Photography

You can finally grab a brew at the craft beer room located inside the stadium. We’ve been counting down the days to baseball, for sure, but maybe just as much to this awesome new place to grab a cold one. Take your sweetheart or your besties, and try a new beer at the game.


Check out our blog post, Brews & Baseball: Introducing the Rockers High Pints Heritage Craft Beer Room, for a peek inside!

The Kids’ Zone

We can’t wait to let our kiddos kick off their summer by running out some energy and having fun at the stadium kids’ zone. Seeing it built was exciting, but playing on it with our families is going to be even better! And be sure to capture the moments of your family enjoying the Rockers stadium just as we will.

So tomorrow at the game, see how many of these sights you see. Snap photos of you and your family, whether you’re grabbing a drink, cracking open some peanuts, taking your kiddos to the kids’ zone, or wearing your new favorite Rockers hat. Tag the Rockers (and us!), because we want to see all the fun you’re having! We’ll be right there with you, celebrating the Rockers the best way we know how. By shouting, “play ball!”

The Rockers will host defending champion Sugar Land for four games (May 2 – May ) at the brand-new BB&T Point in downtown High Point.

All four games feature excitement and fun with Fireworks each of the first three nights including 80’s Night with a post-game performance from “Kids in America” on May 3, Star Wars Night, benefitting The Grown Ups Benefit on May 4, and the first-ever Family Funday, presented by Bethany Medical Center, with pre-game autographs and a post-game kids run the bases on May 5.

Tickets are still available for each game by sliding to HighPointRockers.com, calling (336) 888-1000 or by visiting the team office at 214 Lindsay Street. For ongoing updates and more information, slide to HighPointRockers.com or visit Facebook at @HighPointBaseball, Instagram at @HighPointRockers, and Twitter at @RockersBaseball.

Discovering our High Points,

The HP Discovered Team

Feature Image by ZoZo Photography


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