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Asian Cuisine in NC’s International City

April 20, 2021

98 Asian Bistro, a restaurant in High Point, NC.

People from all over the world have come to High Point to make it home, which is just one of the reasons that we are known as North Carolina’s International City. As neighbors, we have global roots represented, and each person brings so much rich culture to our city.  

One of our favorite things about our city is how many countries are represented in the diverse food options we have. Today, we are highlighting some of our favorite cuisines from Asia. From China to Japan, to Thailand, to Vietnam, to Korea – it doesn’t matter if you love pho, sushi, pad thai, or kimchi, High Point is sure to have something you’ll love!  


Rice Paper 

906 Greensboro Rd. / (336) 688-5779 

  • Fan Favorites:
    • Pho Noodle Soup 
    • Grilled Pork Banh Mi 



Mandalay Asian Fusion

3793 Samet Dr. Suite #140 / (336) 841-1895

  • Fan Favorites:  
    • Egg Drop Soup 
    • Porky Buns 
    • Cashew Nut Chicken 



Thai Herb 

1116 Eastchester Dr. / (336) 889-3896 

  • Fan Favorites: 
    • Drunken Noodles 

Thai Bangkok

3935 Brian Jordan Pl. #101 / (336) 841-8424

  • Fan Favorites: 
    • Num-Prik-Paow 
    • Thai Iced Tea  

Kin Thai Zabb Rice & Noodle

5872 Samet Dr. #135 / (336) 781-0820

  • Fan Favorites: 
    • Massamun Curry 

A yellow curry dish with rice sits on a table at Thai Basil Leaf in High Point, NC.


Tokyo Express

123 Westchester Dr. / (336) 869-0111

  • Fan Favorites: 
    • Hibachi Chicken 

Shinko Grill

1231 Eastchester Dr. Suite #111 / (336) 804-5529

  • Fan Favorites: 
    • 88 Roll 
    • Bang Bang Shrimp 


A sushi platter at Thai Basil Leaf sits on a board in High Point, NC.


High Point Korean BBQ

2107 Kirkwood St. #104 / (336) 885-0555 

  • Fan Favorites: 
    • Stone Pot Beef 
    • Chicken Bibimbap 


Asian Fusion 

Thai Basil Leaf

2766 NC-68 STE 111 / (336) 807-1314 

  • Fan Favorites: 
    • Sashimi Sampler 
    • Yellow Curry

98 Asian Bistro

1800 N. Main St. / (336) 887-3388 

  • Fan Favorites: 
    • Beef Lo Mein 
    • Pho 
    • Pad Thai 

The interior of 98 Asian Bistro in High Point, NC.

Kung Fu Tea

5815 Samet Dr. Unit #111-113 / (336) 781-3233

  • Fan Favorites: 
    • Poke Bowl 
    • Taro Milk Tea  

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